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Date Article source Article
8 December 2016EuObserverEU public lacks voice on banking laws
8 December 2016ReutersDespite Brexit, EU makes progress on capital market plan
13 October 2016PoliticoFinance Watch on comparisons between Deutsche and Lehman Brothers
12 October 2016EuObserverDeutsche Bank crisis tests EU regulation
12 October 2016EuObserver#FinanceWatch: Commission ‘should present ambitious plans to help consumers navigate capital markets
7 October 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Basel IV timing — ECB tease — Deutsche Bank reality check
5 October 2016PoliticoFinance Watch chief says regulators are playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun
30 September 2016Eureporter #DeutscheBank: German government 'will have to intervene' if no improvement
30 September 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Resolution blues — Insolvency rules — Globalization debate
19 September 2016EuractivCommission champions ‘laissez-faire’ in first response to FinTech revolution