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Inequalities, pollution, democracy: Finance has a huge impact on our daily life. We must ask ourselves: What should be the purpose of finance? How can citizens take control?

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Policy & Regulation

Our research and advocacy work aims at providing policy makers and civil society with technical arguments for defending the public interest in the debates around finance and financial regulation.

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What is Finance Watch?

Making finance
serve society

To face collective challenges such as climate change and rising inequalities, we need the positive power of finance to be put at our service.
This is what Finance Watch is all about.

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Finance Watch

Make all banks address climate-related financial risks!

The primary global standard setter for banks seeks your input, as it sets the course for action on climate risks. Finance Watch urges you to express your views on this...

Finance Watch

#FiscalMatters: Join the discussion on Europe’s fiscal future

Too often important policy decisions happen behind closed doors. We need an open and accessible debate on Europe’s fiscal future.

Finance Watch

Fossil fuel financing is taking the global economy to the point of no return. Sign our letter to prevent a Climate Lehman moment

The world economy cannot afford a financial crash on top of a climate crisis. Yet banks and insurers continue to play with fire by financing unsustainable energy sectors. Regulators need...

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