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Marek Hudon

Chair of the Board of Directors

Marek Hudon is a professor of social and sustainable finance at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

Since 2008, he has been the co-director of a research center working on finance & society issues, CERMi which originally focused on microfinance but also now addresses new emerging issues related to alternative currencies, social crowdfunding or impact investing.

He also heads another research unit on environmental economics which is specialized in applied research on sustainable development.

Since 2019, he is also a visiting professor at Paris 1- Sorbonne University where he teaches a course on Money & Sustainability to a group of international students.

Marek Hudon was nominated as an independent Board member of Finance Watch in June 2020. He was elected as Chair of the Board of Directors in October 2022.

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