Open positions

Open positions

members of the CTI

Finance Watch is looking for a member of the Committee of Transparency and Independence.

Finance Watch is open to any candidate who:

  • is not representing the interests of the financial industry
  • is based in Europe, preferably in East or Southern Europe
  • has a strong commitment towards ethical screening

This position is not remunerated.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to the Chair of the Board of Directors:

About the Committee of Transparency and Independence

The Committee of Transparency and Independence (CTI) is responsible for safeguarding the independence of Finance Watch’s advocacy and avoiding conflicts of interest concerning membership and funding. It must approve all applications for full membership of Finance Watch and all offers of funding above €25,000. It then provides a recommendation ot the Board, which takes the final decision.

The CTI has between three and five members, proposed by the Board and approved by the General Assembly for a term of three years, renewable once. CTI members cannot also be Members of Finance Watch. CTI members are not paid for their services and their register of interests is published below .

Open positions

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