Samuel Bossart

Network Coordination & Development Officer

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Areas of expertise:
  • Circular economy
  • Members & Network
  • Pioneers

Samuel acts as a network coordinator for our members and partners. He is coordinating our actions with current members (individual experts and organisations) : update the database, share information, organise workshops, write a dedicated newsletter. His is also involved in the development of our network: finding and welcoming new members, organise events with partners and link with “pioneers” in sustainable finance.

Samuel has seen from inside how banks could collapse in 2008.  A lot still needs to be done to change finance. He aims to create and coordinate a broaden network of local or individual initiatives, of expertise and practitioners, in order to be more impactful.

Samuel was previously working as a B2B Marketing Manager at Triodos Bank.  He has gained more than 10 years experience in three different retail & corporate banks. He is a specialist of professional clients and of the financing of real economy. He has been involved in specific projets, such as strategic partnerships, bank digitalisation, and circular economy.