Peter Norwood

As Senior Research and Advocacy officer, Peter Norwood works on retail services/consumer protection and financial inclusion issues.

Peter Norwood has extensive experience in EU financial services policy. He has worked for more than ten years for regulators, institutions and associations in the financial services sector, including the German Insurance Association (GDV), one of the biggest UK retail bank, the European Commission (as a Seconded National Expert) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Throughout his career, Peter has worked on a wide variety of different EU financial services policy topics, including insurance, capital markets, sustainable finance, retail services and financial inclusion, and financial stability.

At Finance Watch, Peter is in charge of the retail and financial inclusion workstream, focusing on over-indebtedness, consumer and mortgage credit, financial inclusion, consumer protection and digitalisation issues (including the use of consumer data by financial services providers). Peter also represents Finance Watch in the Financial Services User Group (FSUG) of the European Commission. 

Prior to his professional career, he graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC with an MA in European Studies and from the George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs.  Moreover, he attended the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris for a year to complete the university’s undergraduate student exchange program.