Daniel Lockwood

Daniel Lockwood takes charge of editing and reviewing advocacy documents and communications outputs, ensuring high-quality, accessible, and informative content for multiple audiences.

“The only true revolution happens when we let go of our emotional commitment to an untenable status-quo, devoting our resources to a cause greater than ourselves.”

Daniel made a career working in sales and marketing for American firms. Daniel relocated to Belgium following the Great Recession where he re-dedicated his professional life to researching policy discourses on labour migration and the mobilisation tactics of postwar civil society.

He has worked and volunteered for many years in the non-profit sector, including as community organiser, public speaker, managing editor, content specialist and public relations manager for European start-ups, scale-ups, and NGOs.

Daniel graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor in Philosophy and Political Science. He holds a Masters in European Studies from KU Leuven.