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In memoriam

Ieke van den Burg, former Chair of Finance Watch, passed away on Sunday 28 September, 2014. After retiring from politics in 2009, Ieke remained active in a range of civil society-related associations. As the first Chair of Finance Watch for over three years, Ieke helped shape Finance Watch to become the voice of civil society in European financial regulation.

We will all miss her energy and enthusiasm to put citizens firmly at the centre of policymaking.

“Ieke’s passing away is a major shock for Finance Watch’s board and Members. Having had the privilege of working with her to set up Finance Watch as a totally new organisation, I admired her for her vision and dedication to the NGO, combined with being such a nice person. All my gratitude to her and my condolences to her husband and children.

Monique Goyens, Chair of Finance Watch

“Ieke was there from the very beginning of Finance Watch, bringing her personal experience as a former MEP as well as her passion and good humour to our young organisation. On behalf of all the staff, she will be sadly missed.”

Benoît Lallemand, Co-Head of Policy Analysis and Acting Secretary General of Finance Watch

“As an MEP, Ieke had long advocated for civil society to organise itself in a ‘clearing house of expertise’ to better defend the interests of citizens and consumers. Finance Watch saw that vision put into practice and we are all proud to keep building the project that she helped bring to life.”

Joost Mulder, Head of Public Affairs of Finance Watch

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The ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee has established an annual prize in memory of Ieke van den Burg, who was dedicated to the notion that finance should serve society, and this prize is administered in that spirit. 

More information available here.

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