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#10YearsAfter the outbreak of the last financial crisis, we need to remind policy makers of their promises to never let it happen again. Here are Finance Watch’s main initiatives to help build the momentum:

New Report “Ten Years After: Back to Business as Usual”

In its comprehensive analysis of post-crisis regulation, Finance Watch demonstrates that the opportunity for a fundamental realignment of the global financial sector has been missed and that none of the structural vulnerabilities that led to the financial crisis of 2008 have been tackled in a decisive way.

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The Crisis Anniversary Party

Finance Watch publishes a series of short animations to show in a more humorous way that the opportunity for a fundamental realignment of the global financial sector has been missed:

Episode 1: Banks on Fire on Capital Requirements

Episode 2: Make finance great again on Sustainable Finance

Episode 3: A toast to populism, on the link between the rise of populist parties and financial crises

Episode 4: Heads we win, tails they pay, on traders’ bonuses and excessive risk incentive

Episode 5: Dispute over the bill, on the real cost of the crisis

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Join the #ChangeFinance Coalition

Encouraged by the idea that we can build the economies we live in, individuals and communities across the globe are taking finance into their own hands. We are involved in building a Coalition with over 60 organisations who came together from different perspectives to reimagine the financial system. Discover our demands and join the Coalition

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An example of action at Brussels on the 15th of September:

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