EXPERT WORKSHOP | Financing local green enterprises in developing and emerging countries

Finance Watch and the Green Economy Coalition (GEC) are hosting a closed-door workshop to discuss the findings of the EC-funded program “DCI/ENV/2020/417-985”, as outlined in our synthesis report. This expert exchange will focus on ways to increase funding flows towards green MSMEs in low and middle income countries. We hope to contribute to creating a community of practice.

Finance Watch EXPERT WORKSHOP | Financing local green enterprises in developing and emerging countries

We will discuss barriers faced by these local green enterprises in access to funding, reforms that could improve the investment climate, but also topics such as the interplay between sustainable finance tools (e.g. green taxonomies, corporate sustainability reporting regulations) and the reality of developing and emerging countries such as the importance of the informal economy.

This Chatham house workshop will invite exchanges of ideas between representatives from six national hubs of the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), development finance experts, development finance institutions and policymakers.


Focus 1 | Green MSMEs: opportunities, difficulties and barriers

  1. Situation and barriers | What is the situation of green MSMEs in developing and emerging countries? What barriers are they facing?

Focus 2 | Finance: barriers and solutions

  1. Bridging the financing ecosystem gap | What types of funding are missing? What can be done at the national level? What can be done at the global and at the EU level?
  2. Bridging the trust gap | How to reduce financial institutions’ risk aversion towards MSME lending? What can national policymakers do? Building on NDICI and EFSD+, can the EU and its Member States do more to support green MSMEs?
  3. Bridging the information gap | How to improve financial institutions’ access to credit information on MSMEs, MSMEs’ access to information on financial opportunities and improve the flow and quality of ESG information? Can the EU sustainable finance framework help to increase funding flows towards green MSMEs?


DG INTPA: DG INTPA – representatives names TBC

Project country partners:

  • INDIA >> Development Alternatives: Gitika Goswami – Associate Vice President & Lead Policy Research & Planning
  • Trinidad & Tobago >> Caribbean Natural Resources Institute: Nicole Leotaud – Executive Director
  • Uganda >> ACODE: Arthur Bainomugisha – Executive Director
  • South Africa >> Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS): Elize Hattingh – Researcher; Gaylor Montmasson – Clair, Senior Economist
  • Senegal >> IUCN Senegal: Amadou Oumar Toure – Project Manager; IED Afrique: Mamadou Fall
  • Peru >> Libelula: Luis Miguel Prado – Head of Production; Economia Verde (coalition): Mario Bazan – Senior Researcher (FNI); Leslie Forsyth
  • Mongolia >> ECRC: Odonchimeg Ikhbayar – Deputy Director

GEC: Oliver Greenfield – Convenor; Stuart Worsley – Dialogues Director

Finance Watch: Benoît Lallemand – Secretary General; Ludovic Suttor-Sorel, Research & Advocacy Officer

GET.invest: Michael Franz – Team leader

EDFI: Laure Blanchard-Brunac – Director Policy & Partnerships

ECDPM: Hanne Knaepen – Head of climate and green transition, adaptation and resilience