Join the coalition to #ChangeFinance

Our first campaign marked #10yearsOn from the financial crash. On September 15, 2018, we came together to plan 135 actions and events across 17 countries.

With citizens, civil society and policymakers, hundreds of people planned actions big and small, building up to this mobilisation.

We know this: 10 years on from the financial crisis, finance is still not fundamentally transformed.  We are sleepwalking into the next crash.

Our governments have been failing to address the root problems of finance for decades. And we can’t afford to wait anymore.

Finance Watch has initiated, together with more than 60 organisations, a movement to Change Finance.

The momentum is building. As we move forward from September 15, the coalition is now hard at work to plan its next major campaign.

We will make our messages ripple out more… in homes, colleges, streets, banks and meeting places around the world.

Be a part of our efforts in whatever way you can: join the coalition, or spread this message to relevant folks!

Join the coalition