Our members include organisations and expert individuals from a dozen different countries, as listed below. They meet regularly to coordinate actions on financial reform.

The benefits of Membership include:

  • Being part of an EU-wide network of civil society actors committed to making finance serve society.
  • Weekly emails with lobbying intelligence collected by our staff in Brussels on key EU legislative dossiers.
  • Private roundtable meetings with policymakers and priority seats at Finance Watch’s public events.
  • Access to working documents and network of contacts.
  • Speaking and media opportunities.
  • Technical advice on lobbying and explanations of financial policy matters.
  • Access to Members’ working groups, which meet regularly to learn about policy initiatives and coordinate advocacy work.
  • Materials to use in Members’ own campaigns.

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Finance Watch has more than 80 members Europe and beyond. Together, we craft our positions and campaign for changes in finance

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