Open letter urging Europe to comply with international banking rules (To sign by 12/04)


Finance Watch is mobilising civil society to co-sign an open letter, calling on the EU institutions to implement Basel III rules.

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Now is the moment for Europe to reinforce its banking regulations. Moral hazard continues to dominate the banking sector, as last month’s collapse and subsequent bailout of three banks by the US and Switzerland prove just how fragile the global system remains, nearly 15 years after the crisis of 2008.

Complying with Basel III – the globally-agreed set of rules designed to prevent just these scenarios – is the absolute minimum Europe can do to foster trust in its financial institutions. The Commission, Council, and Parliament must not go forward with their plans to substantially deviate from the internationally agreed banking rules!

Please offer just a moment of your time today to add your signature to our open letter urging European co-legislators to honour their international commitments by implementing the Basel III rules. Every additional sign-on magnifies the urgency and impact of our appeal to EU policymakers as they finalise trialogue negotiations on the new banking package.

Please sign the open letter below – on behalf of your organisation or yourself. The deadline for signatures is the 12 April 2023 noon CET.

The letter will be sent by Finance Watch ahead of the 18 April 2023 trilogue meeting and will also be published on our website on the day. For any questions about the letter or in case of technical difficulties, contact Pablo Grandjean, Finance Watch,

Thank you in advance for your valued support.

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