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This policy portal provides a public interest perspective on the issues at stake and ongoing legislative debates in the field of financial regulation.

As major rules for financial institutions are set at the EU rather than national level, EU legislators play the key role. Adequate rules are of crucial importance, as the size, complexity and influence of the financial system have reached unprecedented levels. Challenges like digitalisation or accelerating climate change need to be addressed too. There is a long way to go to make finance truly serve the economy and society.



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Position paper

Position Paper on the Retail Investment Strategy

To ensure that European citizens can safely invest in capital markets, both online and offline, improvements are needed to enhance the EU retail investor protection framework.
Consultation response

Response to the ESMA consultation on guidelines for MiFID II suitability requirements

Consultation response

Response to Commission public consultation: Retail investment strategy for Europe

Consultation response

Responses to crypto-assets consultations

Consultation response

Consultation on integrating sustainability risks and factors in MiFID II

Consultation response

Consultation response on investment advice regarding ESG preferences

Position paper

Comment on the final report of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Corporate Bonds

Finance Watch and BETTER FINANCE comment on the final report of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Corporate Bonds
Consultation response

Finance Watch response to the ESMA Consultation Paper on suitability requirements guidelines under MiFID II

Consultation response

Response to the EC’s Public Consultation on a Potential EU Personal Pensions Framework


Cheat sheet: What is MiFID II (Level 2)?

Background; Actions of Finance Watch; Key risks; and our Publications on this dossier.
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