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When trust in the financial system disappears, panic sets in: fire sales of financial assets and bank runs can make the entire system collapse. Taxpayers are forced to bail out “too-big-to-fail” institutions to protect essential economic functions (deposits, credit, payment systems).

Mitigating implicit “moral hazard” requires sound prudential policies protecting essential banking services from excessive risk-taking and maintaining adequate capital levels to cover possible losses. Well-resourced, and independent supervision is also key. Finally, prudential regulation must also respond to new risks related to digitalisation (see “Digital Finance”) and climate change (see climate risk under “Sustainable Finance”).

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Open letter

Our letter to the EBA on top official’s alleged move to lobbying organisation

Update 28/10/19 -> You can now sign a petition organised by the Change Finance coalition.
Open letter

Open Letter for the Sibiu Summit 2019 on the Future of Europe

Finance Watch has co-signed a letter with over 50 other civil society organisations from across Europe. The letter has been sent to the EU heads of state attending the Sibiu Summit 2019 on the Future of Europe, urging them nominate European commissioners who will support and serve present and future generations, and prioritise environment, quality of life and decent work.
Consultation response

Finance Watch response to the public consultation on impact assessment guidelines

Consultation response

Response to the EC’s public consultation on a multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution


Representation of the public interest in banking

Most of us have little or no say in what banks can and cannot, should and should not be doing, yet in Europe in 2016 we are all deeply affected by the activities of banks. This report investigates the numerous ways in which the public is blocked from participating in influencing the activities of banks and from representing its own interests in banking.

Cheat sheet: What is the “Better Regulation Package”?

In May 2015 the Commission introduced the Better Regulation Package […] to cut unnecessary red tape. The costs of regulation are easier to calculate than its benefits and industry lobbyists use this at their advantage: many files in environmental, social and health legislation could potentially be put under pressure from the Better Regulation initiative.

Cheat sheet: What is TTIP?

Content: Background; Actions of Finance Watch; Key risks; and our Publications on this dossier.
Consultation response

Finance Watch response to the public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy

Open letter

Open letter to Michel Barnier on completion of his mandate

Open letter from Finance Watch’s Acting Secretary General, Benoît Lallemand, to Michel Barnier, the outgoing European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, on the completion of Mr Barnier’s mandate.
Consultation response

Finance Watch response to the public consultation on stakeholder consultation guidelines

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