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When trust in the financial system disappears, panic sets in: fire sales of financial assets and bank runs can make the entire system collapse. Taxpayers are forced to bail out “too-big-to-fail” institutions to protect essential economic functions (deposits, credit, payment systems).

Mitigating implicit “moral hazard” requires sound prudential policies protecting essential banking services from excessive risk-taking and maintaining adequate capital levels to cover possible losses. Well-resourced, and independent supervision is also key. Finally, prudential regulation must also respond to new risks related to digitalisation (see “Digital Finance”) and climate change (see climate risk under “Sustainable Finance”).

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Open letter

Open letter to Pierre Moscovici on French banking reform

In an open letter sent yesterday to the French finance Minister, Pierre Moscovici,Finance Watch warns that the draft bank reform would fail to deliver President Hollande’s pledge to separate the credit activities of banks from their trading activities.
Consultation response

Response to EC consultation on benchmarks

Consultation response

Response to EC consultation on Liikanen recommendations

Position paper

Bank structures and Banking Union: Presentation at Finethikon

Presentation by Finance Watch Secretary General Thierry Philipponnat at the Third Congress on Finance Ethics, the “Finethikon”, 26 October 2012, about the problems of moral hazard and banking structure in repation to EU plans for Banking Union. Press release 29 October 2012 
Open letter

Open letter to Commission on WTO rules and financial services

Open letter to EU Trade Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, potential inconsistencies between WTO rules and the EU’s proposed financial reforms, co-signed by Finance Watch, BEUC, SOMO, EuroFinuse and the Financial Services User Group. Press release 27 September 2012

Oral evidence to Parliament on LIBOR/EURIBOR

Finance Watch today testified to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) of the European Parliament at a Public Hearing on “Tackling the culture of market manipulation – global action post Libor/Euribor”. Press release 24 September 2012
Consultation response

Response to Parliament questionnaire on LIBOR and EURIBOR

Consultation response

Response to EC shadow banking consultation

Consultation response

Response to Liikanen HLEG Consultation


“Basel 3 in 5 Questions – Keys to understanding Basel 3”

Press release 17 May 2012
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