Response to BCBS/IOSCO consultation on simple, transparent and comparable securitisations

13 February 2015

Consultation response

Finance Watch response to the BCBS/IOSCO consultative document “criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations”

Key points include:

  • Finance Watch welcomes and supports the criteria proposed by BCBS/IOSCO to define simple, transparent and comparable securitisations, but is not convinced that they are enough, as they stand, to achieve their goals,
  • among other things, stronger rules are needed to determine which type and minimum quality of underlying assets can be included in the definition,
  • additional criteria should also be added, including that qualifying securitisations should not be allowed to use tranching,
  • while short term securitisation has a role to play, we do not support the development of a qualifying framework for asset backed commercial paper.

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