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Our planet must remain livable and the financial industry plays a key role in securing its future: financial flows must be re-oriented from environmentally harmful activities to a sustainable economy.

Financial regulation, alongside other policies, should ensure private finance becomes an enabler of sustainable transition. This requires:

  • Transparency and corporate governance reforms to ensure real-world outcomes and prevent greenwashing.
  • Robust risk management and adequate capital levels of financial institutions to make them resilient, ensure a “safe transition” and avoid a climate-driven financial crisis.
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Report: A Finance Watch guide to the next ‘sustainable finance agenda’

The next ‘sustainable finance agenda’ could be a jump board to a sustainable economy in the EU. Finance Watch’s new report maps out gaps in the current sustainable finance framework and formulates recommendations to finalise this crucial regulatory ecosystem during the next mandate.
Consultation response

Consultation response – “The draft extended Taxonomy Delegated Acts are still missing important activities”

Consultation response

Consultation Response on the Draft Delegated Act on Art. 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation

Consultation response

Response to the ESAs consultation on EU taxonomy-related sustainability product-level disclosures

Consultation response

Response to EIOPA consultation on Taxonomy Regulation Article 8

Consultation response

Feedback on the draft Delegated Acts on climate mitigation & adaptation (EU Taxonomy)

Consultation response

Response to the ESMA consultation on Art 8 Taxonomy-related disclosures

Consultation response

Response to the consultation on the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy

Position paper

Game-changer: Financing the European Green Deal

A civil society briefing on financing a fair ecological transition
Open letter

Open letter to European Parliamentarians on the Taxonomy regulation

On 27 March 2019, one day before the European Parliament will vote on a Taxonomy Regulation, six NGOs published an open letter to urge Parliamentarians to ensure that the EU’s Taxonomy and definition of “sustainable investments” provides a meaningful framework enabling to reorient finance flows from unsustainable to sustainable economic activities.
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