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Our planet must remain livable and the financial industry plays a key role in securing its future: financial flows must be re-oriented from environmentally harmful activities to a sustainable economy.

Financial regulation, alongside other policies, should ensure private finance becomes an enabler of sustainable transition. This requires:

  • Transparency and corporate governance reforms to ensure real-world outcomes and prevent greenwashing.
  • Robust risk management and adequate capital levels of financial institutions to make them resilient, ensure a “safe transition” and avoid a climate-driven financial crisis.
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Cheat sheet: What is Sustainable finance?

The EU paid more attention to sustainability concerns in its financial policymaking after the UN Sustainable Development Goals were agreed in 2015. In 2017, as part of its Mid-term Review of the Capital Markets Union, the European Commission wrote that “a deep re-engineering of the financial system is necessary for investments to become more sustainable and for the system to promote truly sustainable development from an economic, social and environmental perspective”.

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