Club of Rome presents new report to Finance Watch

1 June 2012, Brussels

The Club of Rome on Wednesday presented a new report “Money and Sustainability – the Missing Link” to Finance Watch and the World Business Academy at an event hosted by the Club’s EU chapter in Brussels.

The report makes a fascinating case for using competing currencies to restore financial stability and bring about a more sustainable economy. “We can no longer afford to overlook new currencies that could promote sustainability”, said Bernard Lietaer, the report’s author.

Bernard Lietaer and his co-authors also suggest a solution to the current Greek/Eurozone crisis based on Greece creating complementary urban or regional electronic currencies to run parallel to the euro, which the country would retain for international business. The civic/euro exchange rate would be determined in the online market.

Deutsche Bank has recently proposed a very similar solution – the creation of the ‘Geuro’, a complementary Greek currency to help it restore an internal competitive economy.

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