Finance Watch appoints Marc Roche and Eric De Keuleneer as independent Board Directors

Brussels, 1 September 2015 – Finance Watch, the public interest association working to make finance serve society, announces the appointment of two independent directors (“external personalities”) to its Board of Directors:

Finance Watch Finance Watch appoints Marc Roche and Eric De Keuleneer as independent Board DirectorsMarc Roche (64, Belgian) is an author and financial journalist, who covered the banking industry first from New York and then for many years as the London correspondent of Le Monde. He writes for Le Point and Le Soir, and is a commentator for the BBC on international affairs. His publications include three books on banking and capitalism. He is the co-author of the film Goldman Sachs, La banque qui dirige le monde(Arte).

Finance Watch Finance Watch appoints Marc Roche and Eric De Keuleneer as independent Board DirectorsProfessor Eric De Keuleneer (63, Belgian) is an academic and former corporate and investment banker. He was previously head of syndication and trading at Kredietbank S.A. Luxembourgeoise, then a corporate and investment banker at what is now Fortis, and a managing director at CREDIBE SA (formerly the Office Central de Crédit Hypothécaire). He is now a professor of economic regulation and banking at the Solvay School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Chair of the Board of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

Marc Roche said:

“It is an honour to be involved with Finance Watch, the voice of civil society in financial regulation. I look forward to making my contribution to its future successes.”

Professor Eric De Keuleneer said:

“The financial sector could serve society much better than it does now. It is very exciting to join the Board of an organization whose mission is, precisely, to make this happen.”

The chair of Finance Watch, Kurt Eliasson, said:

“I am delighted that Marc and Eric, both leaders in their fields, have agreed to join the Board of Finance Watch. I have no doubt that their expert knowledge of the financial system, personal networks and passion to reform finance will bring great value to our association. The addition for the first time of Directors from outside our Membership will further strengthen Finance Watch’s governance.”


For further information please contact:

Charlotte Geiger on +322 880 0441 or by email at

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The new directors were appointed by the Board on 15 June 2015 and confirmed in a poll with Members on 10 July. They were selected by a three-person Nominations Committee, chaired by Kurt Eliasson and including Monique Goyens representing Member Organisations and Wolfgang Köhler representing Individual members. Both candidates have been approved by Finance Watch’s Committee of Transparency and Independence. The appointments became effective on 31 July 2015.

The Board of Directors is now at full strength (eight persons) including four representatives of Member organisations and two individual Members elected from the General Assembly of Members of Finance Watch. The addition of two “external personalities” from outside Finance Watch’s Membership was agreed by the General Assembly following an internal governance review conducted in 2014 and the resulting modifications to the Articles of Association, which Finance Watch Members approved at their 25 November 2014 General Assembly.

The full list of Directors is now:

Board Directors who are Members of Finance Watch:

Kurt Eliasson (Swedish), chair

Chairman of Housing Nordic (NBO) and CEO of SABO Sweden, representing FW Member organisation Housing Europe.

Anne Fily (French)

BEUC Special Advisor, representing FW Member organisation European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC).

Hanna Sjölund (Swedish)

UNI Europa Policy Advisor to the Regional Secretary, representing FW Member organisation UNI Europa.

Jacques Terray (French)

Vice-chair of TI France and former member of TI International Board of Directors, representing FW Member organisation Transparency International EU Office.

François-Marie Monnet (French)

Independent advisor to family wealth offices, associate of l’Observatoire de la Finance, former investment banker and journalist.

Professor Dr. Rainer Lenz (German), treasurer

Professor of finance at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld, former investment banker and Economic Advisor at the Namibian Ministry of Finance.

Board Directors from outside the Membership (“external personalities”):

Marc Roche (Belgian)

Author, financial journalist, former London correspondent for Le Monde.

Professor Eric De Keuleneer (Belgian)

Professor of economic regulation and banking at the Solvay School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, former corporate and investment banker.

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