Comments on the FDIC statement of principles for climate-related financial risk management

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  • CRD IV
  • CRR
  • Solvency II
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Finance Watch has responded to a request for comments by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Committee (FDIC) on principles for climate-related financial risk management for large financial institutions.

We welcome the work on the principles for climate-related financial risk management by the FDIC, which recognizes the challenges faced by financial institutions and supervisors alike in this area.

However, our feedback outlines that principles-based guidance for supervisors and financial institutions will not be sufficient to achieve timely and impactful outcomes in managing climate-related financial risks of financial institutions

Further measures are needed based on a precautionary approach to tackling these risks, which can and should be done as part of a holistic review of prudential regulation for financial institutions.

Detailed points on addressing climate-related financial risks can be found in our recent report “A silver bullet against green swans”.

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