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Episode 1: Banks on Fire (On capital requirements)

Reading Level: Simple
Reading Time: 2 MIN.

This is a light-hearted attempt to explain the issue of insufficient capital requirements for the banking sector.

For a complete explanation on banks Capital Requirements, read our Beginner’s guide below (also available in french and german)

About the series:

For the Crisis Anniversary, Finance Watch launches a series of short animated movies. Each episode will cover an aspect of the “state of finance”, #10yearsOn from the crisis. As we will see, there is nothing to celebrate for citizens. The following episodes so far are:

Episode 2: Make finance great again on Sustainable Finance

Episode 3: A toast to populism, on the link between the rise of populist parties and financial crises

Episode 4: Heads we win, tails they pay, on traders’ bonuses and excessive risk incentive


Further reading:

For more about capital requirements, you can also read (and download as a PDF) our

Cartoon on Basel III



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