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Pan-European Pensions Crisis: Innovative solutions are needed to ensure European citizens can retire with dignity.

Our pension systems are under huge pressure and many people are at risk of ending up in poverty at retirement. Our populations are ageing, inequality in increasing and economic growth is slow. Less jobs are available and many of these jobs are with shorter term contracts. Technological developments are also expected to have an impact on jobs. This means that both state pensions and occupational pensions will struggle to provide enough retirement income for many people as they are funded through earnings. Policy makers need to look beyond the current failing social security models and explore new and innovative solutions to address the pension crisis we face.

Here you can find our analysis of the current state of play of pensions in Europe. It includes our work on the EU initiative to create a Pan-European Personal Pension product (PEPP) to increase the uptake of private pensions. More work is needed to ensure both the success of this initiative and to actually address the issues with pension systems in Europe.

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