Gender Perspective in Financial Inclusion – A Finance Watch Dialogue

Finance Watch has organised an expert-led virtual Dialogue on The Gender Perspective in Financial Inclusion: a Key to Social Inclusion and Equality for all EU Residents. Programme: 00:00 – Intro by Emily Glantz, Research and Advocacy Assistant, Finance Watch (moderator).

02:57 – Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality.

08:00 – Marcella Corsi, Professor of Economics, Coordinator of Minerva – Laboratory on Diversity Gender Inequality, Sapienza University of Rome. “Gender Finance Gaps in the wake of Covid 19.”

21:44 – Emily Glantz “The Gender Perspective in Financial Inclusion: Barriers to access of basic financial services.”

39:53 – Patricia Suárez Ramirez, President and founder of financial consumers association, ASUFIN. “Gender & digitalisation.”

For more on the event, visit the event’s page.

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