Ludovic Suttor-Sorel

Senior Research and Advocacy Officer

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Areas of expertise:
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Natural Capital
  • Sustainable finance

As Senior Research and Advocacy officer, Ludovic works on fiscal policy, sustainable finance, natural capital and the nexus between biodiversity and finance.


Climate change, environmental degradation, rising inequalities and unemployment are some of the structural issues of our time. Fixing these vital issues for the stability of our society require, first, to make private finance long-term oriented, stable and sustainable, and, second, to unlock public finance for public goods.

As researcher in applied economics at the Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management (ULB), Ludovic worked on public finance, environmental policy, public incentives and developed a keen interest in industrial policy. He developed a strong interest in financial and banking regulation while  working for a Belgian senator on reform of the Belgian banking structure. He was also political advisor for the top management of one of Brussels’ welfare institutions. Ludovic was a member of the European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG) involved in the creation of the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities.

Ludovic holds a B.A. in Political Sciences and an M.A. in European Studies from the Institute for European Studies of the Free University of Brussels (ULB). He organised public debates and conferences at the university for years.