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A broad and diverse Membership helps Finance Watch to empower its Members and to make finance serve society.
Join our 100+ members from 20 European countries:

Members benefit from:

  • A European-wide civil society network

    Our community of members is a platform for sharing expertise, campaigning ideas and relaying information on financial reforms

  • An access to the EU policy-making networks

    The secretariat provides members some intelligence and access to the EU financial regulation process, along with advice about how and when to influence it.

  • Receiving the Members Updates

    Our Weekly Digest on financial reform: Updates on legislative dossiers, technical ammunition on financial practices and financial reforms, news from the members...

  • Participation in our Working Groups

    Finance Watch members are invited to comment and have their say in the writing of most advocacy documents

For organisations

Types of memberships

Full MemberAssociate Member
Voting RightsYesNo
Fee / year1,000 €100 € (waived 1st year)
ConditionsNo link with financial institutionsNo link with financial institutions
Governance rightsYesNo

All Members must be independent from the financial industry and its lobby. Applications are assessed by the Board of Directors to ensure that:

  • candidates are free from conflicts of interest
  • candidates will not threaten the independence of Finance Watch in taking positions or producing expertise.

Once accepted, Members work actively with the Finance Watch Secretariat and with each other to achieve change. Full Members also play a crucial role in the governance of Finance Watch, where they determine the strategic goals and the annual work programme of the association.

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For individuals

Types of memberships for individual members

Full MemberAssociate MemberPioneer
Voting RightsYesNoNo
Fee / year€ 8040 € (waived 1st year)Free
ConditionsNo link with financial institutionsNo link with financial institutionsB-corps, social, sustainable and solidarity economy
Governance rightsYesNoNo, pioneers are not members

You can chose becoming a full Member or an Associate Member. While full Members take part in the governance of the association, Associate Members do not.

There is no joining fee. Annual full membership currently costs EUR 1,000 for civil society organisations and EUR 80 for expert individuals. The fee for Associate Members is EUR 100 for civil society organisations and EUR 40 for individuals, but it is waived first year.

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