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Finance Watch publishes its Annual Report 2022

Finance Watch’s Annual Report 2022 describes the continuous expansion of the Finance Watch membership, its involvement in decisive legislative European processes and the evolution of its team.

Read our Annual Report 2022

Benoît Lallemand, Secretary General at Finance Watch, calls out to you on the launch of our Annual Report.

Letter from Benoît Lallemand

Dear Friends,

As you can read in the 2022 Annual Report, we consolidated our leadership and impact in the following areas:

  1. Financial Inclusion: protecting fragile households from predatory financial practices.
  2. Public Finance: pushing back on the myth that resources are too scarce for Member States to invest in the needs of current and future generations.
  3. Climate Risk: upgrading the prudential rulebook to integrate climate change’s impact on financial stability.
  4. Sustainable Finance: redirecting capital away from socially and ecologically harmful activities and toward a sustainable economic transition.

This work includes producing smart policy solutions, rolling out systematic technical advocacy campaigns and convening civil society to coordinate efforts. All of this is supported by effective communications formats and a constant focus on monitoring and learning.

Where do we go from here? 

As the new EU policy cycle starts in 2024, beginning with the next EU elections, our organisation will be busy collectively drafting our multi-year strategic plan.  

What are the key changes we want to see in the world and how do we use our resources to maximise our chances of success?

My view is that we should be very ambitious – our times demand it.

We should continue to develop our impact-driven advocacy efforts in priority policy areas, as we are better equipped and more experienced than any other public interest organisation to intervene in financial policymaking.

As the leader in the field, we should put more effort into building a bigger movement for changing the financial system and developing the vision that unites it.

None of this will happen without you. 

Amplify our voice in your networks.

Become a member.

Make a donation.

Most people can sense that the time is ripe for a paradigm shift.

It will take a few believers to show the way and make it happen.

From all of Finance Watch’s staff and members throughout European civil society, thank you so much for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Benoît Lallemand

Secretary General, Finance Watch

Read the Annual Report 2022


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